Statement Tozanzo
The YMCA is a Christian organization;
The ACM is an organization of volunteers;
The ACM is an international organization
The ACM is a Membership Organization;
The ACM is a fraternity;
The ACM educates for a Responsible Citizenship;
ACM maintains a Diversified Program.
* Official Statement of the World Council held in Tozanso, Japan 1965
The YMCA is a Christian Organization
Its Headquarters is in Christians, laity, "whereas Jesus Christ as their Savior and their God, desire to be disciples and work together for the extension of his kingdom."
ACM and its program in the local community and throughout the world, is May through which these lay Christians meet part of their obligation to serve Christ. The ACM cooperates with churches in ministry and teachings know. However, it is allied with any religion or denomination, their leaders and members belong to any Christian religion. Likewise welcomes people of other faiths and those hard to accept any faith are welcomed and participate in its activities.
The ACM is a Volunteer Organization
Its purpose is formed by the same ACM. His appeal to call members, leaders, is aimed at those who wish to join the work for these purposes. Despite that YMCAs often carry out services in accordance with government and in some cases, with government aid, maintains its character and its independent volunteer leaders are alert to safeguard it.
The YMCA is a Youth Movement
Although there are varieties of ages covering his activities, his main interest is fixed in the present generation. Most of its members and other participants are young people from schools and universities, and youth working.
Some have created programs for education and health in adult level, these are typically among men and younger women. Their leaders are mature, but young.
The ACM is an international organization
The basic units of motion are local YMCAs. These ACMs are united through a grouping national and regional, in a World Movement, the World Alliance which give them meaning and purpose. Through its membership in the World Alliance and the direct relations of the ACM, the Movement shall live for you.
The ACM is a Membership Organization
ACM offers its services to both members and non-members in order to meet the needs of particular situations, but is at its center, those who knowingly partnered to carry out its purpose and who accepts certain responsibility within their groups small, its ACM. Professional Secretaries has important responsibilities in YMCAs and policy formulation. However and maximum control rests not like these secretaries professionals, but with members and elected officials and other authorities: the forces lay. The professional worker helps to unfold the spirit of members to be more effective.
The ACM is a Brotherhood
In the community, the nation and the world, searching through its members, its program and as an expression of its purpose, be a fraternity that unites the bonds of fraternity and people from all Colasse, creed, color and nationality.
The ACM Education for a Responsible Citizenship
ACM education for responsible citizenship and leadership, but it is an apolitical organization. Must have social perception and should contribute to form consciousness. Helps its members to be informed and take an interest on the public policy of their countries and the world. Help them to develop their ability to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens and give them opportunities to join in nation building. But all this only performs without ally themselves politically as an organization.
ACM maintains a Diversified Program
The ACM carries out its work primarily through small groups. If interested in the development of mind and body of its members. Its varied program is the result of deliberate intent to provide a wide range of easy points contact with individuals to fill the needs of members and daily life: work, school, family, recreation, and different ways of expressing their Christian concern with these people.
Tozanso, Japan 1965
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