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Curiosity and History:


The ACM Sorocaba was born from the dream of a young physical education teacher, José Carlos de Almeida.
Recalling the experience of ACM São Paulo as a student, wrote a letter to the Secretary General, Mr. John Lotufo, requesting information of "how could organize an institution like the YMCA in the city of Sorocaba. "The answer came as a form of defiance:" why not ACM, rather than an institution like the YMCA? "
In 1954, when the movement acemista began to spread in the city, do not think that would become what it is today: one of the largest ACM Latin America and Brazil in number of partners, which houses the Faculty of Physical Education and Technical Institute
Preparation of Professionals, and was the first ACM installed within the country, since the movement acemista always centered in the big cities.
I accept the challenge to the foundation of a new YMCA, Sorocaba was sent to the Secretary Julian Edward Haranczyk, dept ° extension of São Paulo, to coordinate work with the community sorocabana.
The movement received accessions in large numbers, with responsibilities in society leading the campaign for the "Red Triangle," as they were known affiliates. "The only daily newspaper of the time, the Southern Cross" published demonstrations of the community against the principles and goals which underlay the entity.
On December 22, 1954, was held the founding meeting of the Red Triangle of Sorocaba, with the presence of Mr. Osorio Pires Romeo and Julian E. Haranczyk, Executive Secretaries of the ACM São Paulo.
Was in Sorocaba, for the first time the "Red Triangle" became a marketing authorization across autonomous country



Unity Center / Administration
Rua da Penha, 680 - Centro - Sorocaba - SP
CEP: 18010-002 - Tel.: 55 15 3234-9110
Unit Jardim Sao Paulo
Av. Dr. Luiz Mendes de Almeida, 1.180Jd. São Paulo
CEP: 1805-290 - Tel.: 55 15 3229-0300
Faculty of Physical Education of Sorocaba - Fefiso
Rua da Penha, 680 - Centro - Sorocaba - SP
CEP: 18010-002 - Tel.: 55 15 3234-9115
Campim ACM Sorocaba
Estrada Votorantim - Piedade
Km. 13,5
Tel.: 55 15 9113-9688
  Address: Rua da Penha Nº: 680      
  City: Sorocaba      
  State: Sao Paulo      
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